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Kamisaka SEKKA (1866-1942)

  • Kamisaka Sekka 1866~1942
  • Momoyogusa ~ A world of things
  • Yatsuhashi
  • The eight bridges area famous for irises
  • Original hand printed woodblock print
  • 1909

    • Kamisaka Sekka originally trained as a painter but it was as a print designer that he achieved a far greater originality
    • He developed his unique style from studying the Rimpa masters of the 18th and 19th centuries
    • These artists looked beneath the surface of immediate realism and attempted to portray the essential elements of the subject from a design point of view
    • 1866 born in Kyoto on 12 January
    • 1881 begins studies under Suzuki Zuigen
    • 1888 begins studies under Kishi Kokei
    • 1890 wins first of numerous prizes (Kyoto Art Exposition)
    • 1894 marries Onomura Tei and settles for a life in the upper echelons of Kyoto's artistic establishment.
    • 1899-1900 Sekka produced his first masterpiece of print design : Chigusa (A Thousand Grasses)
    • 1901 travels to Europe to visit the Glasgow Exposition
    • 1910 Sekka produces his last masterpiece of Rimpa design : Momoyogusa 
    • (A World of Things)
    • Fifty years after the death of Kamisaka Sekka in 1942, an exhibition celebrating his life and work was admired in Japan and the USA : Kamisaka Sekka: Rimpa Master ~ Pioneer of Modern Design
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