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Tsuda SEIFU (1880~1978)

TSUDA SEIFU (1880~1978)


Born in Kyoto. Given name Kamejiro.

In 1897 entered a Kyoto dyeing and weaving school. Studied Japanese-style painting with Taniguchi Kokyo; enrolled in Kansai Art Institute where he studied Western-style painting with Asai Chu and Kanokogi Takeshiro.


In 1904, after military service, he worked in the design department of Takashimaya Department Store in Kyoto. Then he was mobilized for Russo-Japanese War in 1905.


At some point, probably while working in Kyoto before the Russo-Japanese War, at the suggestion of Asai Chu, he designed and probably self carved a number of blocks, which Yamada Naozo of Unsodo published under the title

‘Small Art’ (Ko bijutsu). Several other books of design were published with both Unsodo & Unkindo.


Studied in France 1907-1911, working for some time with Jean-Paul Laurens.


He also made many book illustrations in the years immediately following his return from France.


Participated in proletarian art movement in the 1920s.


Founding member of Nikakai but withdrew in 1933.

Juror of Bunten.



In later life he returned solely to Japanese-style painting

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